Passing the guillotine, behind the curtain, where no one sees. An oasis in the desert. On the edge of danger, the taste of an outlaw love. An executioner that does not kill, but drinks, eats and entertains with no end. Inviting people through red curtains, into an oasis in the middle of São Paulo. An atmosphere translated into the visual communication and manifesto. A feminine Carrasco? Sure! Without the weight of the end? Also. It’s about experience and getting out of the routine, where a good place and nice drinks make all the difference.

Creative Direction: Fernando Andreazi and Pedro Mattos
Flow Director: Cacau Chaves
Coordinators: Regys Lima and Giovanna Marques
Designers: Camilla Mattos, Pedro Alamorim, Priscila Czuca and Satsuki Arakaki
Copywriters: Pedro Alamorim and Tamires Mazzo
Motion Design: Guilherme Paulino
Photography: Tales Hidequi


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